Hey there.  Sorry I haven't been around the blog much, but I've been here -- here on the computer, in my house, in the midst of life -- all the while.  In fact, I figured out that the root of my low-grade depression from my previous post is exactly what I've just described  -- a string of days that have turned into weeks of daily routine, of not travelling anywhere beyond my usual rat-maze of surface streets -- to schools and the soccer fields and Target and etc.  I'm in need of a good road trip, or hell, just a day trip to get out of town and away from the house.  My favorite thing to talk about on the blog is our little getaways, and not having many of those in the last half of this year has got me down.

I've been trying to embrace the grind of routine by writing a little every day.  November is "NaNoWRiMo," for a lot of bloggers, writers and would-be writers, where you commit to writing the draft of a book within the 30 days of the month.  A woman from my neighborhood who's published a few books of Christian romance came up to me on the soccer fields at the start of the month to excitedly inquire if I too was doing NANOWRIMO!!!! (bold & exclamation points, because that's how she said it). And I replied, "ummm...what? Ohh...nah.  No, I'm not into that..."  That's me, Mrs. Enthusiasm.

So while I have no illusions of being disciplined enough to complete a draft of my own book this month, I HAVE been trying again to sit down and write a bit -- a little teeny, tiny bit -- every day. (Um, except today. Because the time to write eats up the time to blog, and vice versa.)  I think it was Anne Lamott who said that even writing a sentence a day is still something, is still moving in the right direction. So I've been creeping along in the right direction, ever so slowly.  On the up side, I've written a handful of sentences that are shiny and glittery and illuminating, and that's a good thing.

Another thing I've embraced lately is Instagram...I just dig it.  And though I'm too flaky to commit to writing thousands of words this month, I CAN handle taking a photo every day in the Trekaroo IG challenge. Trekaroo is a family travel site with all kinds of reviews and activity suggestions, and though they're a big site, they feel small and down-to-earth. So even though I haven't been much of anywhere this month, I've been doing their themed-photo-a-day hook up (Link up? IG-up?).

I also dig IG because it feels like connection, like micro-blogging, without all of the effort of writing a full-blown post.  And the stalker-ish side of me enjoys seeing what some of my favorite bloggers and artists are up to in their daily lives, too.

Here's a few of my recent Instagram snaps that were part of the Trekaroo challenge:

Day 4: Sunset (as reflected in a mirror above my bathtub):

Day 6: Brown (the furniture and old bakelite radio at the top of my stairs):

 And just yesterday, Day 14: Something New (the blue paint in our guestroom):
(Remember my guest room/playroom makeover that I hoped to complete for the the One Room Challenge link up in October? Yeah. That didn't happen, but I do hope to have it mostly done by the time we have some Thanksgiving guests.)

Notice a theme with all these photos? They're all taken inside my house, as are just about every other one of my IG pics from this month.  I wasn't kidding when I say I've been kind of a hermit these days and stuck in a rut.  Maybe that why I missed Day 12: "The Best Part of My Day," because, well...? One can only take so many shots of yellow legal pads and coffee cups and books.

SO. To everything there is a reason, and a season, and a purpose, and turn, turn, turn, the page I will. The holidays are coming up quick, and Tucker's 9th birthday, and my own next month and things are happening, people, is what I'm saying. Or at least they will be? Soon? Ish?

Let's hope.  Until then, you can see more filtered-out glimpses into my daily grind by  following along with me at Readingnest1.

Back soon. 

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  1. Hi Kelly! I was reading my old post about Wild Mountain and it brought me to you. :) I'm so glad to read that you're on IG now! I just followed you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.


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